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How important bags and poufs are for you? Are they a crucial factor for your wardrobe & home? If that is the case then we are about to show you some of the finest bags and poufs you can possibly wish for, and they are from the mystical land of Morocco. You see, bags are one of the most widely used carriers for women of all ages.

It is as if the bags are an integral part of their existence and self-being. Whenever a woman sees a bag store across the street, it is one singular place which always attracts her greatest attention and interest.

Similarly, exotic-looking and elegantly-designed poufs are also a must for those women who not only likes to adorn trendy fashions for themselves, but also in their homes and lifestyles. Therefore, today we will be highlighting you about some of the finest bags and poufs for your drawing rooms that are one of the most well-liked ones.

Apart from this, we will also guide you about some of the most important things to look for when you decide to go for a certain bag or pouf; the quality of the materials used in manufacturing, important eco-friendliness factor, the designing, and the styling, and so on so forth. So, let us begin then with our highlight of the top bags and poufs for all you fashion-loving ladies!


Before Anything Else Comes the Material -:

Whenever you decide to buy any accessory, not just for fashion but for everyday-life things, it is imperative for you to know what it is been made of and how. This is important for many reasons, but let us highlight just a couple of very crucial ones below:


  • Bags made from polyester are harmful to human health. They are made out synthetic polymers which is extremely toxic for both humans and the environment.

  • Rayon is a wood pulp that is used in fabrics by cloth-product makers. It is toxic and it should be treated with several chemicals before termed safe for human use, a point which many makers ignore.

  • Nylon is another famous material from which most of the fabric products are made, including both bags and poufs. This material is made from petroleum and it leaves a certain chemical finish which is harmful to human skin and health.


Therefore, the next time you go onto buy a bag or pouf for yourself or your room decor, please be careful about the materials that are used in them.

However, that is also a fact that at some point or another, any kind of fashion product had to go through a chemical touch; so how you can save yourself & the environment from contamination?

You can do so by choosing those materials that are less harmful to yourself and the overall environment – even after chemical intervention. You should always look for those bags and poufs that are made up of:


  • Silk
  • Cotton
  • Wool
  • Leather
  • Bamboo
  • Linen
  • Cashmere
  • Hamp


All these materials may not be 100% eco-friendly as well, but they do little to no harm to both human and the environment itself. And once you are pretty much sure about that the bag or pouf you will be using is not at all harmful to you or the environment, it is then time for the best thing of them all – select the best bags and poufs available for use.


The Design & The Style -:

After being convinced of harmless and eco-friendly fashion bags or poufs, the second most important thing to consider when buying a bag or a pouf is how it complements with your physique and homestyle. Over here you do not need to worry about anything else except the suitability of the fashion bag or pouf you are about to buy.

As the first and foremost suggestion, this task becomes a “child’s plaything” when our creativity and judgment of designs and styling patterns are above the average. Confused? Let us explain: You should have a sense of being edgy and over-the-board when it comes to picking up a bag, pouf, or any other fashion item for yourself and your home.

However, being creative is not as same as being over-imposing, which will make someone a laughing stock. So, here is a simple formula which you should follow whenever choosing any fashion item for yourself – specifically bags:


  1. Your bag should be according to your figure
  2. A bag should always contrast with the colors of your dress
  3. A good sign of a sensible fashion bag is to match your professional persona (e. g. office bags, party bags, wedding bags, etc.)
  4. A pouf should also contrast with the colors of the room’s walls
  5. A pouf looks better with a normal color tone
  6. A pouf can also be in contrast with the sofas or tables in the room


And there are tons of things left out to write here about choosing a design or styling of your bags and poufs, but we believe we should leave somethings to decide on your own by your creative mind as well 😊


Here is the Main Attraction: Best Moroccan Bags & Poufs for Fashionistas

So, you have made it through from all the above information about the necessities of buying good fashion bags and poufs (we bet you did good). Now, we have arrived on the main attraction of this narrative as we are going to tell you about some of the finest, trendiest, and eco-safe Moroccan fashion bags and poufs you can adorn yourself and your home with. Let us read about them right away!


The Sunkist Genuine Leather Moroccan Shoulder Bag

Nothing on this Earth can be more pure, natural, and culturally historical than the antique beauty and fashion products from the soil of Morocco. Yes! The first fashion bag on our list comes right from the hand-made Moroccan antiques, the Sunkist Leather Shoulder Bag.

If you are a lover of antiquities and ancient fashionista styles, you will not find a better fashion bag then this one. More convincing is the fact that it is authentically hand-made with pure Moroccan leather and handcrafted in the world heritage city of Tetuan.

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Embroidered Morocco Bag

Here is another classic from the mystical African region: The Embroidered Leather Morocco Bag showcases the classical African embroidery art which is a prized possession to posses for serious fashion goers.

This bag is a masterpiece of Moroccan craftsmanship and made with 100% genuine leather found in the Atlas Mountain region of Morocco.

The special and colorful embroidery, with each set of patterns having its own colorful variation, is nothing less than a lost-treasure-found for true fashion seekers. So, give this one a try if you like to stay ahead of the curve!

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The Gold Moroccan Leather Pouf

Let us turn our focus to our home’ interior decoration for a while, and the first thing you will always consider is the comfort factor. That is why we give you the royalist-class Gold Leather Moroccan Pouf for your drawing rooms.

This hand-made exquisite and elegant pouf uses genuine leather, rear sabra silk and gold-plated design that is made by native Moroccan traditional craftsmen from the historic city of Marrakech. That is why this pouf is the highest quality among Ottoman Poufs you can possibly get.

What makes it a valuable addition to your drawing or a living room is its striking golden color – a sign of elegance, grace, and superiority. So, enhance the luster and comfort of your home with this royal-class Gold pouf.

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Brown Moroccan Leather Pouf

Among the Ottoman pouf trends in 2019, brown poufs are so far the most loved-ones by Stay Boho’s customers. Why? Well, there are tons of reasons at hand: the mystical brownish hue, the superb classical Arabic pattern designing, the classy sabra silk fabric of Morocco and extreme comfort with beauty.

What more a home fashionista might possibly ask for? This is another of our exclusive poufs made with 100% genuine materials from the natural landscape of Morocco, and by the traditional craftsmen as well. Buy it for your room and you will just love the look and feel – we promise!

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Kilim & Leather Morocco Bag

Well, we are about to reach the end, folks! And here is our final bag from this comprehensive guide and list of best bags and poufs for fashionistas: The Kilim & Leather Bag.

This hand-made eco-friendly modernistic-looking bag from Marrakech is an ideal partner for rigorous adventurists. It is big, spacious, robust, and can accommodate you well in your longer journeys across tough terrains.

Unlike other bags, this one is more about durability, robustness, and service. Therefore, if you like to explore the countryside’s of Morocco or any other land, keep this bag as your friendly companion.

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Final Words …

On the brink of the finish line, we hope that this detailed narrative not only helped you in finding the best bags and poufs that are loved by fashionistas around the world, it has also helped you understand the important safety recommendations and precautions you need to take whenever you decide to buy a fashion product – not just bags or poufs. Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section with us!